Adele is all things passion and racing! While she grew up on a dairy farm in New Zealand, it was the thrill of the horses and the races that excited her the most and lead her to make a career within the industry.

After finishing high school, Adele went and worked in a stable for a couple of years before enrolling in University. Here she gained a Communications degree but the lure of the industry was too great. She continued to work in stables around the country and then onto Australia.

When working in Australia, the opportunity for Adele to further her career in the industry was given to her and she took on the role of Racing Manager at Tony Gollan’s. An extremely beneficial and educational part of her life, she was with Tony for 3.5 years and gained invaluable experience.The lure back home was too strong and Adele moved into a digital marketing role with the governing body of NZ Racing whom she was with for 12 months. Feeling that the racing side of things was more aligned to her, Adele took on the role of Racing Assistant with the team earlier this year and thanks to COVID, is currently working from her home country of NZ!